Science Fair Prizes and Scholarship

Exciting SCIENCE FAIR news!  We have prizes and scholarships to announce!

1. The CLASS WITH THE MOST PARTICIPANTS (based on completed projects) will receive an ant farm and related books!

2. Mad Science is sponsoring Trace by awarding the SCIENCE FAIR WINNER a free spot in their upcoming after-school science program.

The Mad Science class will be Wednesdays 22/3-17/5, 2:40 – 3:40 PM.  The winner will unfortunately miss the first session but will join for the rest of the classes.

3. The PTO is sponsoring a NEEDS/ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT based SCHOLARSHIP to the same Mad Science class for another student.  Scholarship applications are open to all the science fair participants – teachers will hand them out with the confirmation forms and handbooks later this week.

(If you’re not participating in the science fair but want your child to be considered for the scholarship – please leave a letter addressed to “VP Academic Affairs” in the PTO mailbox with the student name, teacher/grade and justification for why this child deserves the scholarship.)

Please submit the scholarship application by Feb 28th – to the PTO mailbox!


  • The science fair winner will be chosen by the judges.  If the winner can not attend the class, the prize will go to 2nd/3rd place winner and then to one of the scholarship applicants.
  • The scholarship recipients will be chosen by PTO Board with input from administration/select teachers. The winner will be notified in early March.

Questions?  Please contact Pia, the Trace PTO VP of Academic Affairs, by writing

¿Preguntas? Contactar a Rosa Elena Martinez, 408 535-6257 ext 42412,

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