Trace 2018 Science Fair

science-fairThe annual science fair will be held at 6:30pm Thursday, March 22rd.  We invite ALL students to participate! 

Thank you for your registrations. We have over 100 projects! The registration is now closed.

Gracias por sus registros. ¡Tenemos más de 100 proyectos! El registro ahora está cerrado.

The primary purpose of the Trace Science Fair is to foster a love of science.  We want this to be a positive experience for all students, so all students will get a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place ribbon.  In addition, all students will receive a small participation prize (gift card).  We will also award a classroom prize for the class with highest number of participants!

What is a Science Fair?

The Trace Science Fair is a one night event where students get to present the work they’ve done on a science project.  It is a culmination of what may be many weeks of work depending on the nature of the project.  Recommendation: Plan ahead & start early!

The projects are also on display for Trace students the day of and day after the evening event.  Recommendation: don’t include fragile or valuable portions of the project in the daytime display.

The presentation consists of a poster (on a PTO provided poster board) that explains the project and a chat with a judge.  The poster should explain the project fully and always include title and sources (bibliography) for external information used in the project.  Depending on the project type the poster will also include some of the following: question, hypothesis, background, materials, procedure, results, conclusion.  The poster will likely also include some drawings or photos to support the written content.

The science fair judges will talk to the students about their project and ask questions about the method, methodology and findings. Please support your student by talking to them about their project, this will help them prepare talking to the judges.  By talking about the project, you will also help your child truly understand and learn from the project.

The students choose  what they want to work on.  The Science Fair Handbook 2018 provides more information including several websites with ideas for projects. For our science fair we’ll have 5 types of projects:

  • Collections (open to K-2)
  • Demonstrations (open to K-3)
  • Models
  • Experiments
  • Inventions

For more details, see the Trace Science Fair Handbook.  Available in English or en Español

For more information, see NASA’s explanation of a science fair and the scientific method. Estos documentos también están disponibles en español en el mismo sitio web.

Next Steps:

  1. ASAP: Pick a project and get working on it!
    Projects can be done individually or in groups of 2-3 students. Recommendation: The project will take a fair amount of work.  If forming groups, make sure the group is able to meet in person to work on the project.
  2. Feb 9 – Deadline to sign up online or via the paper registration form which goes to your classroom teacher.  Online sign up form.
    If you need a printed copy of the the handbook (see Handbook) please note that on the form.   If you are able to view the guidebook online we will save trees and money :)The poster boards will be provided after student/teams confirm their attendance by providing a project title.  If you already know what you’re working on, please indicate that on the sign up form and no further confirmation will be needed.
  3. February 12-16: Confirmation emails will be sent to registered students.  Those that did not provide a project title yet, will be sent a request to provide a topic to confirm attendance.
  4. Feb 12-16 and Feb 26-March 2: Students who confirmed attendance by providing project theme/title will be given a tri-fold standing board (36″ x 48″) to display their project. The board will include a space number to indicate where to set-up on the day of the science fair.
  5. March 22: Science Fair Projects need to be delivered to the Multi-Purpose Room by 8:30 AM.  Note the projects will be displayed through the day on Thursday and Friday.  Trace students will visit the fair during the day under teacher supervision.
  6. March 22: Science Fair, 6:30pm.
    Students should arrive on time to be ready to chat with the judges.
    All students who have created a display board are encouraged to attend, present their project to the judges, and be eligible for a prize!
    Do not leave with your project – the fair continues on Friday.
  7. March 24: Trace students continue to visit the fair during the day under teacher supervision.   Pick up the project at the end of the day.


See the handbook or write an email to Pia Rieppo, Trace PTO VP of Academic Affairs, at


Contactar a Rosa Elena Martinez,, en la oficina de la escuela.
2018 Manual para la Feria de Ciencias en Trace Elementary

Sign up via this link.

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