Donations Needed!

Start cleaning the clutter out of your homes before your families come over to visit and make money for the school as well!  We will be collecting donations and delivering to Savers on December 16th.  More details are still being worked out.  We will update soon…


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Take a break before the holiday!

We know that the Thanksgiving holiday will make a lot of you very busy prepping in the kitchen this week.  Save yourself the hassle of cooking and cleaning the night before we all spend the day cooking and cleaning.  If you would like to take just one task off of your currently growing list, please join us on Wednesday at Panda Express.  It will be going on all night from 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM and there is even an online code!  Click on the link below to see the flyer. 
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Chocolate for the holidays!

Our next fundraiser is already almost over!  A great time to collect See’s candies orders is while you spend the next few days with your families.  They make fantastic gifts and stocking stuffers!  Please do not forget to bring the orders and money back to school on Monday November 28th.  We will have all of the holiday boxes distributed to the classes the week of December 12th-16th  If you need another copy of the delicious options please click on the link below.


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Volunteers Needed for Trick Or Trace

Dear Trace Friends and Families,
We need your help at the Trick or Trace Fall Festival this Saturday, October 15 from 11am to 4pm! Please consider volunteering an hour or more of your time to help make the event a big success!
If you’ve already signed up, THANK YOU!
You can sign up to volunteer here:
Sign up here If you’d like to bring a baked good for the bake sale:
We are also in need of pop-up canopies to shade the games/crafts areas. If you have one we can borrow, please fill out this form: 
Questions? Please contact Sonia Lee,
We hope to see you this Saturday and thank you for your support of Trace PTO!
Thank you!
Trace PTO Board
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Budget Proposal for 2016-2017 School Year

This gallery contains 9 photos.

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2016 Calendar

Please join us to help make this a great year for all of our Trace students!

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Minutes from September 2016 Meeting



Trace PTO Meeting Minutes

Tuesday September 13, 2016

Location: Multi-Purpose Room


Attendance: Heather Bilich, Lorraine Cho, Maria Carter-Giannini, Sonia Lee, Jeanette Marin, Vanessa Pinedo, Matt Quarneri, Kirsten Read, Pia Rieppo, Randi Rosen, Lindsay Telucci, Joanne Warburton, Michelle Quarneri, Steffany Carrabino, Diane Romero, Catherine Sam-Long, Marie Vidal, Carol Robledo, Bavharita Hernandez, Wendy Escobar, Sunny Dani, Tommy Jimenez, Luis Rodriguez, Gloria Mendoza, Garbirl Ramirez, Celenia Cruz, Armando Catalan, Jacqueline Talamantes, Rufina Talamantes, Lenia Melendez, Ana Diaz, Amanda Nelson, Rebecca Howarth, Christina Papoulias, Amara Brook, Rachel Mino, Emma Rawnsley, Lauren Naylor, Sabrina, Santolalla, Amy Glanzman, Patricia Proctor, Damaris Scheichl, Guadalupe Galindo, Madali Espana, Barbara Hernandez, Adrienne Hall, Debora Avalos, Carolina Lopez, Flor Barriga, Shari Martiniez


Called to Order: 7:13pm                    Heather Bilich / Lindsay Telucci, co-PTO Presidents

Welcome & Introductions                  Heather / Lindsay

Calendar                                              Maria Carter-Giannini Secretary

  • Key Events for 2016:
    • Walk-a-thon Friday Oct 14th
    • Fall Festival Saturday Oct 15th
    • See’s Candy Drive Nov 9th-28th
    • Panda Express Fundraiser Nov 23rd

About PTO

  • The Parent Teacher Organization is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. It is the school’s major fundraising organization. We fill the gaps that the schools’ budget cannot meet and support community efforts for an enriched school experience. We raise funds throughout the year to support and fund four main areas:

    – Educational programs
    – Performing arts programs
    – Teacher/staff support
    – Trace community building

    These include funds to help cover classroom supply costs, field trips, fitness coaches, educational programs like the Science Fair, Performing arts equipment and instruments along with community events like Kindergarten Ice Cream socials, Parent breakfasts & Teacher appreciation luncheon. The voice of our membership is crucial in expressing what should happen at Trace.

 Current Business

Fall Festival                                                    Lorraine Cho VP of Seasonal Fundraising

  • Date: October 14th
  • Activities include a Haunted Walk, photo booth, pumpkin patch, poster project for students and much more. Kinder students will perform on stage with Ms. Warburton.
  • 5th grade parents will be taking care of all the food this year.
  • Volunteers are needed desperately for this event to be successful.

 Update from Principal Rodriguez

  • Principal Rodriguez would like to involve more parents on the school site. K3 is being converted into a parent room. Volunteers are needed to fix it up. Let the secretary know if you are interested.
  • Solar panels are being added to Trace. She wants to share the plan with our community. Please attend Principal’s Coffee to get more information. We know it will be a new structure but it will high enough to not interfere with students. Some plants will need to be removed.
  • There will be updates on Measure H, Title I at Principal’s Coffee as well.

 Officer Reports:

Treasurer Update:                  Pia Rieppo/Randi Rosen

  • Last Year’s Budget
    • Fundraising – Ongoing, Seasonal Events, Other seasonal activities (ex: See’s candy drive)
      • We exceeded our goals last year and raised over $100,000. Our net gain was $67,081
    • Spend – Academic & community events, field trips, teacher gifts, school programs, PTO operating expense. There are still some outstanding invoices yet to come in but we made about $22,000 last year due in large part to the Walk-a-thon.
  • Proposed 2016 – 2017 Budget
    • Our budget plan is similar this year but we have two added challenges – the amount for the Recess Coach & the Chess Club have increased. We can fund the Recess Coach this year as is but it’s not sustainable for the future.
    • Field trip allocation is slightly reduced from $2,000 to $1,825 per grade.
    • We need help from our community to make this year a success especially after these increases.

Announcements / Opens:

  • Glanzman will be at the Luna Chalk Festival on Saturday Sept 17th if anyone would like to attend and participate. There are 2 spots for Trace.
  • The Drama and Music programs are looking for help with taking tickets and other duties. If anyone is interested in helping please contact Joanne Warburton.
  • Selac Meetings are once a month on Tuesdays at 8:45am. Principal Rodriguez is hoping for more participation
  • 5th Grade will be in need of volunteers to help with the food at Fall Festival.


Next Meeting:  

Date: October 11th, 2016

Time: 7:00-8:30pm

Location: Multi Purpose Room


Meeting Adjourned, 8:33pm

Minutes compiled by Maria Carter-Giannini, PTO Secretary

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Dinner Night Out

Sweet tomatoes flier
Tonight we have our first Dinner Night Out of the year!  This is a great way to allow the kids to see each other outside of school and give a break from cooking and dishes to us parents.  The required flier was sent home in your childs’ Wednesday folder.  If you cannot find it, fear not!  I have added the flier for you to print above.  You can also invite anyone and everyone to join your family.  15% of all checks, where the flier was presented, will go directly back to the school.

Sweet Tomatoes Dinner Night Out
625 Coleman Avenue  5-8pm

Hope to see you all there!

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Great Start to the 2016-2017 Year!

We have already started to kick off the year right!  We are nearly a week in to a new school year and we already have a week of exciting events finished!

We wanted to thank all of you for coming to the Ice Cream Social.  We nearly ran out of ice cream!  It was so much fun watching the kids go wild but I suspect the parents had the most fun catching up with old family friends and starting new lifelong friends that day.  Many of you also helped us welcome the new Kinder parents at our BooHoo breakfast.  Thank you so much for coming and sharing a cup of coffee with us.  We are going to have some great events coming up so keep an eye on those Wednesday folders or check back here for updates.

The PTO is a non-profit organization which puts every dollar back into the school.  We help with things like teacher supplies and field trip busses to name a few.  Whether you have become a member or not, we would like all of you to join us for our meeting September 13th at 7pm in the multi-purpose room.  We can talk about what we would like to accomplish for all of our children this year.  Free childcare is provided and we have a Spanish translator available as well.

Want to help?  Here are a few ways you can raise money for the school.

Trace fundraiser flyer


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